Дочь Даны Борисовой отпраздновала день рождения без отца The heiress of teledive was nine years old. Dana Borisova gave Pauline a gorgeous holiday in the restaurant so she wasn’t supposed to be sad due to the fact that its celebration was unable to attend his dad and grandparents. The girl was delighted with the surprises that gave her mom.

      TV presenter Dana Borisova loves to spoil his only daughter to wife Pauline. And at the ninth birthday of the heiress of the star did not regret forces and means to give my daughter a bright and memorable holiday. In addition, before Dana had a difficult task – I had to make it so that Pauline and for a moment remembered that to congratulate her on her birthday came the closest people: his dad, Maxim Aksenov and grandparents. Dana bitterly reported in the microblog on the eve, talking about the preparations for the party.

      “All day, preparing for the birthday of Pauline. We thank all our guests for the gifts, I’m excited and waiting for our nine years. Sorry, his dad and grandparents, too, but to discuss them there is no desire,” wrote Dana in the microblog.

      On the morning of the birthday the media personality posted a touching post-greeting, filled with tenderness and love for his daughter. “My daughter, my favorite, Mix, ray of light, child, bless you. You’re everything to me. While you sleep, I want you to be as principled, honest, beautiful and bold” – wished daughter Dana Borisova.

      The organization of the celebration for the beloved heiress was Given to professionals from the children’s holiday Agency. And I was right. Judging by the photos that the star has already managed to publish in the blog, everything was at the highest level. And most importantly – the little hero of the occasion, – Pauline was delighted with the holiday, given to her by her mother. Guests were invited in for an author’s family restaurant of Italian cuisine “Quattro Camini”. Nine-year-old birthday girl and her friends met the heroes of the book “Alice in Wonderland” – mad Hatter and the red Queen.

      “Pauline really like this story – says “StarHit” Dana Borisova. On the day of the birth like a real woman, my daughter spun in front of a mirror and tried on different dresses. About ten….In any did not want to do her hair, only allowed to comb her hair… Even I managed to give before leaving the Council: “Mom, in heels, you’re not. If you go to them, I will not go! Very experienced it today!”
      The long-awaited celebration was Given with her daughter was preparing for two weeks. This is the first time the heiress presenter celebrates birthday in Moscow. Usually in late August, Pauline marks it abroad…Festive hall decided to decorate with large colorful balloons and flowers.

      “I’m with Pauline all the time chatting on viber,” continues Dana. – I sent her pictures of restaurants, food, scenery… the Most interesting thing is that all children without exception refused the pizza. They wanted a kebab.”

      Among the guests were school friends of Pauline. With fabulous entertainers, the kids solve logic puzzles were difficult quests and participated in funny contests. TV host almost all evening was in a joyful mood, after all the holiday wishes and plans Polina come true. Except for one thing – the girl’s father, Maxim Aksenov, and did not come to congratulate his daughter.

      “Dad was a little bit confused, – said Borisov. – Maybe he had financial problems that lasted for about a year. But he drives a Porsche Panamera. Money and no help, we do not see, how actually it. Received 10 thousand rubles for the birthday, although the holiday cost about 100 thousand. He only calls, threatening and throwing tantrums. I texted him the address of the restaurant where there will be a celebration daughter. He only replied: “You’re not a mother and I will talk to you differently. This circus, which was you, I will remember you”. He always aggression, we communicate only on a unilateral plan when he calls. When I call, he tube does not take”.

      The key moment of the birthday celebration was, as expected, the cake. Gorgeous, two-tiered sponge cake, strawberry, crowned by the figure of the Princess, he made a lasting impression on the birthday girl and her guests. They enthusiastically helped the birthday girl blow out the candles on the cake and happily enjoyed dessert. After the children’s buffet table, the guests went to the zoo in Golden keys, where local animals were fed fruits and vegetables.

      Mother of the guest of honor was pleased with the celebration and how all her efforts reacted to her beloved daughter, Pauline.

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