Daughter Dana Borisova came to her

Дочь Даны Борисовой вышла с ней на связь The girl has to wish your mom happy birthday. Pauline shared the video, which reads their own poems. It touched fans of This. Is the celebrity also appealed to the followers, noting that this year will be completely different for her, and this night all will be a surprise.

Today, the TV presenter Dana Borisova birthday. However, it will not be able to celebrate the holiday together with family and her people. Currently the woman is undergoing treatment in a rehabilitation center on the island of Phuket, where trying to get rid of narcotic dependence. Dana almost never use a mobile phone, as experts believe that it can impair the recovery process. However, the birthday was Given have decided to refer to the subscribers “Instagram”.

“Today I meet a new and grateful to the people who saved me and brought into this world, learn to enjoy simple and re-taught to distinguish right from wrong. Now I realize that one false step leads to another erroneous step, third.

And here today I told myself that this year should be no errors. What was the last year of life? Difficult! The rise and fall, fall and rise! Now I’m on the rise and full of energy. It will be a super day! I’ll start with him! Anything that could cloud my vision! Only natural, natural joy and endorphins!” – said Borisov.

On this day, the celebrity went to the reception to the beautician and massage to bring the skin in order. Besides, Dana has promised to surprise its audience.

The daughter of TV presenter Pauline misses her mother. The girl lives with her father Maxim Aksenov. On the personal page in a social network, the girl posted a video in which he reads a poem of his own composition.

The child’s father Dana Borisova responded to the accusations of her loved ones

“Happy birthday, my dear!
The flowers are in bloom, the streams sparkle,
When you’re in the morning under the sun wakes up,
Congratulate you, but that smile.
In your eyes the sun, I love you…” – these lines are recited by Pauline.

Recall that almost two months Borisov is in the center, where she helps to overcome bad habits. According to star, she’s feeling much better. As Dana says, she wants to finish treatment and return to your daughter’s healthy and full of energy. Dana Borisova on the drug: “I would do anything for my daughter!”

“She really has had a complicated mother with a difficult fate, a famous personality, which attracted the attention of that you not be left alone. And I always blamed myself for it, I always tried to limit my daughter from this, protecting. I just really love her. I’m not like my mother, suffer from codependency,” – said Dana during a video broadcast from Thailand.