Дочка Даны Борисовой напала на нее
After six-month treatment in a clinic in Thailand for drug addiction Dana Borisova cannot establish a relationship with your ex-spouse Maxim Aksenov.

Дочка Даны Борисовой напала на нее

Dan believes that the ex-husband sets up the daughter Polina against her, which at the moment lives with him. And recently the TV presenter suffered at the hands of his own daughter, which made her very sad.

Дочка Даны Борисовой напала на нее

“She made me never in this time the mother has called, and says “Hey, you”. And when they met, Pauline grabbed my head and pulled out a tuft of hair, and then wanted to break a new coat. Beat mom’s all the wildness. In addition, Pauline flushed 700 thousand rubles and tried to drown there two my passport, which I luckily managed to catch and land now,” said Borisov.

Dana believes that her daughter needed professional help, but the ex-husband refuses to go to a psychologist.

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