Дочь Дакоты спасает ее от демонов In his birthday, the singer made an unexpected confession. Rita Dakota told where and with whom marks his 28th birthday, as well as five-month-old daughter helps her to change for the better.

His 28th birthday singer Rita Dakota (passport – Margarita Gerasimovich) met at tropical Bali surrounded by the closest people. Artist for more than a month basking in the ocean with her husband Vlad Sokolovsky, mother Svetlana and five-month-old daughter MIA. Every day Rita shares with followers on Instagram a sun photos, news and his thoughts on life and creativity.

Your personal New year Dakota noted a funny photo and long post with a few unexpected confessions. Rita wrote that usually the birthday sums up, remembering all the good and hoping for the future. But last year, Dakota first became a mother, and this event completely changed the consciousness of the singer.

“The events of my 27th changed my life divided into “before” and “after”, swept across her tsunami, huge waves spun and spun, spun, the figachit on the bottom with all the dope, throwing to the clouds. So I zeroed all of your past blah-blah-blah, and I congratulate myself that has survived its 27 remaining in (relatively) sound mind in a positive and creative state of mind, love and happiness…” wrote Dakota.

The singer added that for the first time welcomes the New year with virtually no regard because it is on Bali, using a local SIM card for mobile. Said that can not accept calls of congratulations over the phone, but doesn’t care about this, now was her best option. Rita expressed her gratitude for this trip my husband Vlad Sokolovsky and once again confessed her love for him.

“Thank you my beloved for everything that filled my life. I guess there are only 2% of Earth, I reflect and multiply all surrounded by, therefore it would be logical to assume that all the good that you love and appreciate me, it’s not me, it’s him. He mentally send rays of love, he deserves them all and even more…” said Rita.

But the most unexpected recognition Rita did, when my turn to thank daughter. Dakota have already said that motherhood is not easy. In his Instagram she confided on this subject, by confessing: strength is not enough, no support in any way and “sometimes you want to go out the window in anger at himself and helplessness”. And his birthday, the actress said directly – the complexity is clearly evident now, with the advent of the child. And so now she’s “beats to death with his demons.”

“Thank you, daughter, who teaches me every day, forced to fight to the death with his own demons that have suddenly become so clearly visible when the little man loves you no, contrary, the strongest unconditional love and you are changing every day be a little better than yesterday,” wrote Dakota.

Recall, Rita Dakota was born in Minsk, where he also finished music school, was going to attend the local school. Glinka and learn to become a composer, but at the last moment changed his mind. Later became one of the most prominent member of “Factory of stars-7”, although not even reached the finals of the competition. A while Rita was on the edge of poverty – it was not to live in Moscow. But she was able to earn his own talent was to write songs that are now successful performing artists: the Tree, Svetlana Loboda, Alexander Marshall. In 2015, Rita married singer, “classmate” at the “Factory” Vlad Sokolovsky. And in October last year, the young people first become parents they have a daughter MIA.