Daughter Christina Aguilera surprised the mother

Дочь Кристины Орбакайте удивила маму Shy Claudius was not afraid to speak in public. Little heiress Christina Aguilera is growing at a very modest girl, but for my mom agreed to come to the Studio for the programme “Tonight”. Claudia had sat on the lap of Christina Aguilera and was embarrassed when she asked questions.

      Дочь Кристины Орбакайте удивила маму

      As you know, this week is one of the most beloved by fans of the singer Kristina Orbakaite celebrated its 45th anniversary. The singer and her family was devoted to the program Andrei Malakhov’s “Tonight”. The audience in the Studio was recognized in sincere feelings to Christina Aguilera, discussed it arranged a celebration for friends and recalled moments of creative and personal life of a star.

      At some time in the Studio there was a children Christina Aguilera – 18-year-old Denis went, holding the hand of her younger sister, a four year old Claudia.

      “Oh, you’re still not stand? – reacted star mother on the daughter. – Did not expect that they will come together, because we have Klavochka girl modest.”

      And really, in support of the mother, the girl awkwardly climbed to her knees and sat so quietly, clinging to her. It should be noted that the girl came to the Studio in a charming white dress that was complemented by a very stylish accessory. “What a beautiful decoration it!” – immediately said Andrei Malakhov. “This is a gift of Anna Terekhova. The clave he immediately liked and she got it”, – answered with a smile Christina Aguilera. On the question of Andrey Malakhov, what Claudia gave mom, said the baby: “Card”, having broken an applause of the Studio. “And did you like the cake that was my mom’s holiday?”, “asked the little heiress of the star TV host. “Yes,” she replied.

      Speaking about the proclivities of the daughter, she said that as she was in childhood, very passionate about dancing. “‘re staring right at you in the mirror, – said the singer. – I was the same, I was not possible to tear off from dancing all through my childhood, and Clave the same”.

      Дочь Кристины Орбакайте удивила маму

      As for the middle son of Christina Orbakaite Denis, but this year he graduated from high school. May 25 for a guy and his classmates last bell rang. Ahead of the exam, and in the fall Deni go to England. He plans to study on the course business management. And then study in UK courses business management. “Will conduct my business – with a smile said Kristina. – On senior hope not, Nikita is busy with music. Yes, and it would be good management is not prevented. He has so many Directors have changed”.

      All three children Christina Aguilera, despite the difference in age, friendly with each other, and the older brothers Nikita and Denis I love my younger sister Claudia.


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