Daughter Chris Cornell wrote a touching letter to a deceased father

Дочь Криса Корнелла написала трогательное письмо умершему отцу

Twelve-year-old daughter of Chris Cornell, Tony was unable to accept the sudden death of his father. This wound hurts especially on father’s Day – a holiday that now has the girl’s other meaning. On the page of his dad, the leader of the group, Soundgarden, in the social network Facebook Tony wrote an open letter addressed to the father, and from his lines just the heart.

“Dad. Let me start by saying that I love you. I want you to know how much you mean to me. You’re my idol, someone who I will always look up to. You’ve always supported me, pushed to go forward, inspired. You’re doing it right now” — written by Tony.
The girl remembers that every moment when Chris was home, he spent it with the children, despite the fatigue from a long tour.
“When I was sick, you were always there for me. You hugged me, kissed, cheered. You never afraid that you would get sick. You stay with me till dawn to make sure my fever went down” — the girl remembers.
Tony is confident that he and his father had a “special relationship”.
“I’m sure you’re still beside me I feel your heat. You’re the best dad in the world, and I know you never left us. It was an accident, and if not him, would you still hugged me and was there” wrote Tony.
Recall that Chris’s body was found in a hotel room in Detroit. The rocker took his own life after a successful concert. The reason for suicide, consider the medications that Cornell took to get rid of narcotic dependence. I think that that night he took more of them, and they provoked depressed mood. At the time of his death he was only 52 years old. Wife Vicky is confident that “he loved life and their children” and would never have committed suicide in a clear mind. In addition to the two children from his second marriage, Chris was still the eldest daughter from a previous.