Daughter Apeksimova and Nikolayev suffered heavy criticism because of their parents

Дочь Апексимовой и Николаева подверглась яростной критике из-за родителей Daria Abralinsky spoke about a very difficult life period. According to the girl, some classmates envied her and so made a real hunt. To cope with the problems Daria helped close people.

      Дочь Апексимовой и Николаева подверглась яростной критике из-за родителей

      23-year-old Daria Abralinsky – a young and promising actress, which tipped a bright future. This season there are two Prime Ministers with participation of the girl – the play “the Seagull” and the musical “Sweeney Todd” at the Taganka Theater, whose Director is the mother of the actress Irina Apeksimova. Despite their kinship with the management of cultural institutions, Daria denies rumors that the role she got “to pull”. According to Abracinskas, she was told about it since childhood. So pretty accustomed to the incessant criticism from strangers.

      “Being the daughter of popular artists is disgusting. It wears you down. Constantly comparing you say that you’re nothing, you come everywhere on me. But then comes adulthood, and you realize that all these people are wrong, and, in principle, you don’t give their opinion… the First time I encountered negative in six years. The parents then rattled the series “birthday Bourgeois”, and classmates all the time he tried to hurt the fact that I thieves. Of course, there were tears. Mom and dad tried to support me, saying that people are evil, that we should not pay attention to them” – shared the girl.
      Дочь Апексимовой и Николаева подверглась яростной критике из-за родителей

      According to Daria, the parents have always been her friends. The girl could at any moment turn to them for support. So Abracinskas got to deal with the constant condemnation from peers. Besides, Valery Nikolaev and Irina Apeksimova did not present to the daughter’s high requirements for graduation. Daria admits that beginning to be interested in education only at the University. In school she was to go uninteresting. “I am an absolute” C ” student. Physics, chemistry, algebra is not my thing,” notes Artinskaya.

      Note also that the daughter of famous actors went to School the Moscow art theater under a pseudonym. For conspiracy she took the surname of his great-grandmother on the maternal side. But Daria believes, because of the resemblance with her mother, her deception was revealed. However, strict teachers have pretended not even aware of who are the parents of the entrant.

      Add that Daria Abralinsky was born on 14 March 1994 in new York. The girl’s parents broke up in the early 2000s. According to Daria, after the divorce of actors, she became less likely to see his father. “When he was in Moscow, came for the weekend, picked me up, we went for a walk,” he told Abralinsky the magazine “OK!”.