Daughter Anna Sedokova waiting for the birth of another brother

Дочка Анны Седоковой ждет рождения еще одного брата
The singer picks up a new wardrobe for pregnancy.

Anna Sedokova

Photo: @annasedokova (Anna Sedokova Instagram)

Anna Sedokova 35 years became a three-time mother and, it seems, is not going to stop on achieved results. The emergence of another kid looking forward to all her family members. As it turned out, the youngest daughter of singer Monica hopes that she will have another brother. She was so eager for replenishment in the family, recently, while shopping together, she suspected the mother in pregnancy. Your observations daughter Anna voiced mother, and she, in turn, retold the dialogue with Monica in social networks.

“Today I bought a swimsuit of your dreams! It’s so shiny. So, you know, to go to the beach and solely to be photographed. I even did not stop the fact that Mona, assessing me, asked if I’m pregnant! She also said that she urgently needs another brother. In fact Hector will protect her, and Alina here without protection left. So, I sign. And swimsuit, you see, can be up to 8 months to wear exactly,” writes Anna.

By the way, the story Sedokova is interesting not only discussing her pregnancy. From the publication of Anna implies that she was finally able to reunite with Monica, which she had not seen for several months. It was reported that the girl’s father allegedly prevented the communication of mother and child, but the Maxim Cherniavsky this information did not comment.