Дочь Анны Седоковой страдает от своей популярности
13-year-old Alina wants to live like a normal girl.

Anna Sedokova with her daughter Alina

Photo: Personastars.com

It would seem, what else should a girl at age 13? Alina, the eldest daughter of Anna Sedokova, has it all: beauty, youth, money, popularity… But, as it turned out, the girl suffering from this!

When she lived in America, no one was particularly touching. But six months ago she moved to Moscow. And started! First, it is constantly in the spotlight because of his mother, and secondly, now she’s a star. At the end of last year, Alina together with her mother began to TV program about traveling “Around the world in the time of the decree” on the channel STS.

“Alina doesn’t like to appear in front of the camera, she’s about this eternal tantrums and breakdowns, — says Anna. — Puberty — a difficult time. The daughter often tells me that he wants to live like regular girls”.

By the way, before arriving in Moscow, Anna held’s daughter strict instructions on how to communicate with journalists and new friends. Sedokova was afraid that Alina can say something extra about the personal life of the artist.

“Forbidden to talk about my life, because she is very kind and sociable girl and I’m afraid that people will start to use her kindness. Her after the move was unusual that I was asking about my mom. About how she lives where she lives, with whom, and I realize that this may hurt her. Once there was a funny incident. Us overnight came Alinine girlfriend, I met her at midnight in the hallway, she was on the phone and said, “this room is a bedroom, and here they live…” And I realized that she would have… complicated,” says Anna.