Daughter Anna Kovalchuk hates acting

Дочь Анны Ковальчук ненавидит актерскую профессию The actress became the heroine of the program Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man”. Anna Kovalchuk has earned the love of many viewers after starring in the series “Secrets of investigation”. But the actress carefully hides his personal life.
Дочь Анны Ковальчук ненавидит актерскую профессию

Anna Kovalchuk has become a true national favourite after the role of a young detective in the series “Secrets of investigation”. The young actress specifically for filming has added a dozen years to get a job in the movie. Even a video of the first birth of the actress was included in a favorite series.

Kovalchuk decided to tell Boris Korchevnikov, which broke up with the first spouse. The actress told why, after the huge success in film career, she began to hide her personal life from the public.

“My son no one sees. I had become careful, I used to be the other hand, were very open. Wanted to share with all happiness,” said Anna.

According to the actress, her divorce from first husband could have been avoided, she did not have the patience. Today Anna started to protect the family from prying eyes.

“My idols, for example, Mironov, has always been private people, and I believed completely that the actor is a mystery. Nothing about me nobody knows. Every person is not a friend and not an enemy, he is your teacher in life,” – said Kovalchuk.

Anna said that the eldest daughter Zlata not happy with the acting profession. The girl doesn’t like it when famous mom signing autographs, and shooting in movies it generally takes hard, even though he knows the actor’s kitchen since early childhood.

“She reluctantly goes to do. I call it Evil-the point is: when she was born, all the evil stopped. Her so little interest in my profession. Sometimes we go with her at some premiere. I believe that you can’t judge people according to their biological age, I am learning from her, she’s my teacher. I spit, it’s feminine, she’s in a hurry, and very wise,” said Anna.

The actress remembered that as a child was very shy and afraid to perform on stage. Anna decided to enroll in acting school in secret from parents. Mother of the actress reacted negatively to the choice of his daughter, but the father-the military has always supported the heir.

At the end of the program, Kovalchuk told how to save the family fortune. “We must have the wisdom not to run to her parents and to be married. Mother could never let me go quietly. So often happens: the girls are waiting, and men are hesitant to have everything,” said Anna. The actress suggested that viewers love every moment in life and never angry at the family for details.