Daughter Anna Khilkevich-educated mom

Дочка Анны Хилькевич перевоспитала маму
The actress for the daughter was down in the subway.

Anna Khilkevich

Photo: @annakhilkevich Instagram of Anna Khilkevich

Anna Khilkevich does not hide: a year ago, with the birth of our daughter, her life changed dramatically. As admitted star of the series “Univer. New Dorm”, for the sake of his heir she is willing to give up a lot including even driving a comfortable car in favor of movements on public transport. Anna said that in the past never would be descending in the capital’s subway, but now that she had to hurry back to her daughter, she did not hesitate to take the subway.

“But even a year ago I couldn’t afford such a luxury during the hellish traffic jams to rush home on the subway. I found it easier to spend the extra 2-3 hours in the car, talking on the phone and listening to music… But now I have a daughter and I every minute counts!” — shared Khilkevich. To hide in the subway from the increased attention of fans Anna helped set consisting of knitted hats and scarf.

By the way, Anna recently got into a very unpleasant story connected with her car. Luxury car star was in the late afternoon evacuated, with the result that, having had to spend most of the night, breaking his “iron horse” out of impound.

Incidentally, not so long ago it became known that Anna is soon going to become master of its own beauty. Now the actress is already hard at work recruiting staff.