Дочка Анны Хилькевич поменяла имя на мужское
The actress told how now turning to the girl.

Anna Khilkevich with her daughter Arianna

Anna Khilkevich with her husband Arthur long thought of an original name for my daughter. As a result, when the baby in 2015 was born, they named her Arianna in honor of their parents. It is a beautiful name remains written in the birth certificate, and in the life of parents, as it turned out, has already been calling the baby quite differently.

A couple of years Arianna was Yasha… So now, having my husband turn to the girl. “Historically, what we call Arianna — Yasha (not a tiger) because she herself started calling! And then we picked up. “Ariela, what’s your name? – Yasha!”started. So I choose not to choose the baby name for the value, everything can change in the first year,” said Lee.

Fans in turn have turned their attention to another interesting detail. The name Yash is considered to be a diminutive of the male name Jacob. “My son’s name is so funny”, “My name is Arianna too, she called herself Ashka”, “I Have a daughter too, Yasha. A name is Juliana (Ullasa)”, “Daughter Jasmine called Misha” — share their stories of fans Anna.

By the way, my daughter Anastasia Volochkova also changed the name. However, she did it in a more conscious age. At the age of 12 recorded on the documents Ariadna asked friends and family to call her Asya.