Дочка Анны Ардовой сделала признание о разводе родителей и смерти отца
Sophia declassified chosen.

Earlier this year, Anna Ardova buried the former wife of Alexander Shavrina. The actor’s life took a serious illness. About a year before that, after 20 years of marriage the couple divorced. The tragic events in the life of the Ardovs widely discussed in the press: there were rumors that Anna had left a sick husband for a new love interest. Actress to comment on this topic refuses.

The daughter Anna — Sophia told about what actually was the attitude of the parents in the last year. Their parting was quite natural, says the daughter of the Ardovs. Scandals in the house of the actress was not there between her and Alexander to the last preserved a close relationship. Even went to different apartments, the former couple managed without showdown.

“It does not explain, we do nothing has changed. We magic the Addams family. And lived just women with women, and men with men. Me with my mom more comfortable. I always had more contact, although the Pope was very fond of. And they loved each other always, — said Sophia. — But it’s so… soulful love, a spiritual connection. Was supposed to start a different life. The children grew up, they did their parental duty. But until the end remained close people!”

Although Shavrin was not for Sophia’s biological dad, she took it like a native. And his departure from the life she took was extremely painful. To cope with emotions helps her current lover. Ardova Jr. admitted that he had an affair with Igor Khripunov, who is older than her 16 years. “There is no difference in age, if it’s love. My grandfather with his latest wife, was the difference in thirty years. And sixteen years never considered a big difference, before adult men took married fourteen-year-old girls. This does not mean that I liked older men, probably with peers I wasn’t working!” — quoted in the Church of WomanHit.