Daughter Anastasia Volochkova began to experiment with makeup

Дочь Анастасии Волочковой начала экспериментировать с макияжем 11-year-old Ariadna celebrates graduation at elementary school. The daughter of the famous ballerina already moving to the fifth grade. On this solemn occasion, the girl made a grown-up makeover and hair curled in ringlets. Anastasia fans reacted to that photo of the heiress Volochkova.

      Дочь Анастасии Волочковой начала экспериментировать с макияжем

      11-year-old daughter Anastasia Volochkova today said goodbye to elementary school. Ariadne is now in fifth grade. Literally from the early years of the Russian ballerina fans followed the progress of her young heir. New photo girl surprised of followers of a microblog Volochkova, as in the picture Arisha appeared on her face.

      “My favorite is going to the prom. Ended Junior school, moving on to fifth grade! Well, the bride, what can I say. I love my Arisha! Today midnight kept secrets. And in the morning she asked me for the mascara and brush for the shadows. And she did her makeup, saying that according to my spied photos. Beauty, true?” signed photograph of my daughter Anastasia.

      Some subscribers were surprised that so early Arisha began to paint, and many noted what she’s already big. “Very nice your girl!” “From oranges are not born like that. Arish lovely!”, “She’s like from another century, so soft and airy!”, “With the end of primary school, sunshine!”, – such pleasant comments left by the users of social network moving under the frame.

      By the way, Arisha is not inferior to his mother in popularity. 11-year-old girl has a website, “Instagram”, and accounts in other social networks. She has performed many times with the mother at various events. Ariadne and Anastasia together starred in music videos “Solo for two” and “I Will be with thee happy.” Six years ago my daughter Volochkova first debuted on the scene. The girl is becoming known in the world of show business, so she’s already got your PR Director.

      For the “Instagram” heiress Volochkova watch almost 10 thousand subscribers. On the page of Ariadne shows the pictures from the holidays in hot countries and from performances. Girl sings and learns to play the piano. Raising a child is engaged in Babysitting Zoe and grandma. Despite frequent touring Volochkova, Arisha is not deprived of attention. All the free time Anastasia pays child. However, one time daughter ballet stars was very jealous of his mother to journalists, who constantly wanted to talk to her.

      Many say that Ariadne is very similar to Anastasia, and judging by some photos, girl copies mom’s style of dress. She also wears a bright faux fur and outfits of all shades of pink.

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