Daughter Alsu grow polyglots

Дочки Алсу растут полиглотами
Safina and Mikella learning Chinese characters.

Alsu daughters Safina and Micelli

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Daughter Alsou Safina and Mikella learning Chinese characters. “They can make a small story about them: their names, where they live and what mom’s profession. To do Chinese they advised the Pope,” he said 7days.ru singer. In addition to China, 11-year-old Safina and 9-year-old Mikelle learn English, French and Hebrew. At home speak Russian. “We want the girls to grow and versatile in the future could choose your own road,” explained Julia.

The singer admitted that she is with great pleasure goes to the parent meeting. “There’s girls praise,
they say that sisters Abramovi time to learn, and social work
to do, — says the artist. —I sometimes even ask the teachers, maybe kids need
more above something to work, any items to pull?
Even teachers wonder: “Why? And so they are all good!” Me
very happy that girls grow sociable. This year they chose to
school to leadership positions, they are respected by the
peers. Micella became the head of the class. Like a trifle, but it
talking about her popularity in the class: because children do not forcibly make
to listen to someone they don’t respect. Well, Mikella we have
a natural leader and commander, it is with new responsibilities to cope. And
Safina, though not so smart as sister, became captain sports
team. Under her tutelage, several classes.”