Дочери Аллы Пугачевой и Александра Реввы строят модельную карьеру Children of the singer and the comedian took part in a photo shoot. Little Lisa and Amelie show the elegant dresses, which are represented in the collection Yudashkin for little fashionistas.
Дочери Аллы Пугачевой и Александра Реввы строят модельную карьеру

Daughter Alla Pugacheva Lisa is a talented girl. The heiress of the singer dances, teaches poetry and mastering foreign languages. Recently, she debuted as a model at the children’s show of Valentin Yudashkin. The girl took to the catwalk dressed as a bride. Fans of the prima Donna admired the grace and comely appearance of Lisa.

Now daughter Pugacheva and Galkin starred in a photo shoot for the Russian brand. With her on camera posed descendant of Alexander Revva, Amelie. In the microblog baby appeared scenes with Lisa.

“It’s beautiful to watch, but very heavy. At least two bars of chocolate earned! Mamonichi no arguments! Gave up,” reads the post.

Podpischiki expressed his admiration in the comments to the post. “Beautiful babies,” “Two angels”, “Oh, that’s wonderful”, “Lizaveta outside competition,” discussed in the social network.

Parents of girls do not mind that their children are already considered stars of the Internet. The girls themselves know how their mom and dad famous in Russia. “Alice, refers to my popularity completely indifferent. Must be nice when daddy’s on TV, in the movies. Even when to approach me on the street to take pictures, she knows why. Alice understands that this is part of my job, so it is not surprising. Moreover, it is in his later years, is also a celebrity! In the social network she has so many subscribers! Amelie too, she is not inferior. She is a real star of the Internet, all in awe of her videos,” – said Alexander Revva in the interview with “StarHit”.

Alla shares the videos with the participation of Lisa and Harry in his microblog. Video collected hundreds of likes. All marvel at how the Diva daughter is artistic and full of energy. Besides, despite the fact that Lisa was born from a surrogate mother, it is like two peas similar to Dolly parton. Pugacheva and Galkin are trying to help the children to develop talents from an early age, but they don’t think the kids will follow in their footsteps and become artists.