Daughter Alferova has prepared a surprise for my mother

Дочь Алферовой приготовила маме сюрприз
Ten-year daughter Xenia learned sculpting.

Ksenia Alferova

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Ten-year daughter Xenia Alferova and Yegor Beroev Evoke learned to sculpt from clay and clay figures of animals. Recently she began to create a symbol of the coming year in the Eastern horoscope — the dog. “DIY Evdokia work very well, in past years she has done the monkey and the rooster, — said the actress. — As of December 31, we will see her dog. What is her surprise! Dunin figurine will complement our live petting zoo, which is home to a Beagle dog, two cats, and recently even a rabbit!”

From the Xenia also recently found a new passion: Alferov joined the ranks of lovers of big
tennis. The actress started training for this fashionable and expensive appearance

“Welcome new player!”
— smiling star. Tennis for Ksenia —
a nice addition to daily physical activity. Alferov rightly
as one of the most sporting Actresses of the Russian cinema. It
enjoys Pilates, loves swimming and running. Ksenia regularly takes
the marathon, which easily overcomes a distance of 10 km In the winter time artist
with the fun ice skating.