Daughter Alena Khmelnytsky scares mom with strange drawings

Дочь Алены Хмельницкой пугает маму странными рисунками The famous actress gave a Frank interview to the program “One day”. Alena Khmelnitskaya told about what kind of relationship she had with her ex-husband Tigran Keosayan, and also revealed the fascination of the younger heiress.

Alena Khmelnitskaya was among the heroes of the new issue of the weekly TV magazine “One day” which will be shown on NTV on Saturday at 16.20. The actress openly talk about the fight with their complexes and excess weight. After the eldest daughter Alena Alexander went to America to study at new York University, her star mom stopped to watch my figure and gained a few pounds.

The conversation will go and divorce Khmelnytskyi with Director Tigran Keosayan, which occurred in 2014. Alain remembers how he has prepared to inform the daughter Alexandra heavy news about the separation with her father. Despite the fact that the Khmelnytsky and Keosayan decided to disperse, they kept friendly relations.

In addition, Alan is recognized, as relates to the prospect of becoming a grandmother, and reveal a frightening fascination with the youngest daughter, seven year old Xenia.

“She feels a great interest in death and birth. I remember myself at that age, then I was literally overwhelmed with the fear of oblivion – shared the actress. – Remember, terrible sobbing, and exclaimed: “Mama, how? And you will die?”. Mom reassured me: “Alena, by the time you invent the pill, see how medicine moves forward? Then no one will ever die.” Now I say the same thing Ksenia… She draws some crosses and graves. I turn to her: “Oh my God, Xenia, stop it, I beg you, I’m scared.”

Another hero of the new program on NTV was Zhora Krizovnicka. Soon the screens will be released film “new Tree”, shot by the famous Director. In an interview with Gooseberry will speak about warm relations with the Pope, who wanted his son studied science, as well as share their opinions about how fatherhood changes a person’s life. The conversation touches and working on the Comedy “kiss!”.

Your story will also share Gosha Kutsenko. The actor believes that his main show performance “ladies ‘ night”, which a long time is sold out in different regions of Russia. Ghosh considers himself a workaholic and works tirelessly. In recognition of the actor, he is not rested for many years. Kutsenko will remember how it came on the scene the day of the death of his mother and explain why it did not cancel the show. In recognition of the star theater for not only work, but also a kind of therapy, as well as the meaning of life.