Daughter Alena Khmelnytsky increased the copy

Дочь Алены Хмельницкой выросла ее копией
The actress has shared her child photo.

Alena Khmelnitskaya with her daughter Ksenia

Alena Khmelnitskaya published a photo collage
which was appreciated by members of her personal microblog. Actress
combined their archival child’s photo with the eight-year-old daughter Ksenia.

“Ksyushka and I signed the star
publication. — I here 16… I think we are still very similar”. Fans agreed with the artist
impressed by the external similarity of a mother and daughter. “One person! Alena, is very similar to
Ksenya! Two beauties! Your reflection. My mom’s copy!” commented they
post. Ksenia has an older sister
Alexander. The girl already lives an independent life, but with Ksenia Alena
trying to bring as little as possible. Both daughters gave birth to Khmelnytsky in marriage
Director Tigran Keosayan, who had gone through a messy divorce.

Now Khmelnytska happy
personal life she is Dating businessman Alexander by Shinyshiny who is younger than Alena
at the age of 12. Male great with Xenia. “Sasha is just very warm
began to communicate. He painted, sculpted, was playing hide and seek. She generally allows
to do anything with them! You know, there are people who do not know how to deal with
children, and there are those who know how. Here for Sasha it is easy and simple. It can
one stay with Ksenia, to feed, give to drink, to do the homework. It is not
vaprak!” — says Alyona.