Дочка Алены Хмельницкой приводит её в ужас
The actress has shared his revelations about the difficult character of Susie.

Alena Hmelnitskaya with his daughter Ksyusha

Photo: @alxmel Instagram Alena Khmelnytsky

Alena Khmelnitskaya talked about the difficulties of motherhood. 46-year-old actress admitted that she feels some problems in the education of the younger daughter — Ksenia. The girl is very active, capricious and overly independent, which periodically leads to Khmelnytskyi in horror.

According to Alena, she tries never to keep Susie’s eyes, as it can at any moment to turn around and go somewhere without telling, of course, about mom. “She decides something and leaves. It happens on the street in the crowd, in the store, the sea — is not important. And then I find that in horror, running around in search of a child… And then you grabbed her and asked: “Well, how could you?” A year ago at sea and it to me it said, “I’m looking your way!” It all happens quickly — run. And she never looks back. She’s not scared, lost, — said Alena. — I specifically hid it with the idea, that may still come a time when she will be scared? But no. In General, it’s not easy, but incredibly interesting and fun!”

Many years ago, educating the eldest daughter of Alexander, which differed appeasable character, Khmelnytsky did not understand parents who raise children a voice. But, after the birth of Susie, she began to notice that now and she sometimes communicates with her daughter in a raised voice. “I always wondered why adults yell at children? I thought they were crazy some. Now, I hear your screaming voice from the side,” confessed the actress in the program “My hero.”

However, Allen sees a positive side to such behavior Susie. Obviously, the youngest daughter keeps her busy and makes her life busy and eventful. By the way, recently She celebrated her seventh birthday, and in the fall she will start her school life.