Даша Жукова с мужем покоряют Японию

Даша Жукова с мужем покоряют Японию

38-year-old Russian designer Dasha Zhukova with her 34-year-old husband Stavros Niarhos are currently on vacation in Japan. The couple arrived there not just to travel, and to congratulate the well-known artist Takashi Murakami with his next exhibition of paintings. Dasha respects his work, not just his exhibitions held in its Museum of modern art “Garage”, which is located in Moscow.

In Japan, the couple went not alone, but with the younger sister of Stavros. In addition to the exhibition celebrity decided to try real Japanese food. It is considered the most interesting and unusual in the world. The photos show how the family visited a colorful Japanese restaurant, decorated in a cartoon style. The traditional school has no chairs, and only soft stools near a low table. A couple ordered a large set of sushi and roll. Of course Dasha and Stavros don’t forget about entertainment, for example, yesterday they visited not one Japanese bar and walked the streets of the city. Photos from their journey the designer is trying to publish on his official page in Instagram.

Exhibition by Takashi Murakami will be held in Tokyo until 25 Jan, so all modern art enthusiasts may wish to go to the gallery and see with your own eyes. For men this is the 13th solo exhibition, but in Tokyo he holds her for the first time (despite the fact that he lives and works in this city). Paintings done in the new format, he was inspired by watching cartoons of the anime genre. Takashi this year was 53 years old, male, never married, all his life, he decided to devote to art. His paintings are also represented in new York’s Museum of modern art. In Japan a lot of respect activities Murakami, he is one of the best artists of the country. The figure holds a PhD in art and music, which he received at the Tokyo national University.

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