Даша Жукова рассказала о воспитании детей
Wife of Roman Abramovich explained why their heirs at 7 PM should be in bed.

Daria Zhukova with her son

Photo: Instagram.com

Dasha Zhukova in a recent interview with “TATLER” shared that after this conversation leads 6-year-old son
Aaron the circus, said the show starts at 7 PM, for
children very late. “All parents from our school sent a letter 7
p.m. children should be in bed, — said Dasha. — I thought it was
madness. But I tried to follow this rule. And you know what? They
do sleep better”.

By the way, Aaron in the 6 years well versed in painting and even making
success in this art form. The boy, having been with Dasha at the exhibition of sculptures
Picasso, praised the work of the master. A month later, handed mom a picture
and after hearing the praise, asked: “do You think I’m as creative as

Aaron and his 3-year-old sister Leia walking in different circles: Dasha tries
to develop, but, as recognized, she’s not a supporter to upload such
young children in full. “We visited museums and exhibitions, but no
a special system I have, — said Dasha. — Children should grow
happy. This is important”.