Dasha Zhukova special raise children

Даша Жукова по-особому растит детей Wife of Roman Abramovich holds a peculiar system of education. Now the couple grow six-year-old Aaron and three-year Lei. For parents the most important thing – to their heirs feel happy.

      About Roman oligarch Roman Abramovich and Dasha Zhukova began in 2005. They met at a party in Barcelona. As it turned out, three years after the first meeting, lovers have registered their relationship and got married, which the public learned only after seven years. Now the couple is raising two children – six-year-old Aaron and three-year Leah. Dasha adheres to specific methods of education of heirs. So, she adheres to a strict daily schedule of a son and daughter.

      “The performance starts at seven. Very late for them. All parents from our school sent a letter that at seven in the evening children should be in bed. I thought it was madness. But I tried to follow this rule, and…you Know what? They do sleep better,” – said Zhukov.

      When the daughter of Abramovich and Zhukova was only a year, the paparazzi photographed Dasha with a child in her arms while relaxing in the Italian resort of Portofino. It was the first picture of Leah, which spread in the Network. Unlike many celebrities who used to hide their children from the many cameras, Dasha does not avoid public and some events there with them.

      “Why am I taking with me? I think it’s important that they understand what parents. I guess I could say: “Please do not take photos of my children,” but in 2016, when everyone has social media, what’s the point? Children are children, let them run all together,” – says Zhukov.

      Also parents tend to overload their little heirs and give them the opportunity to enjoy a carefree childhood. The son and daughter of Abramovich and Zhukova student of the arts, participate in clubs.

      “We visited museums and exhibitions, but no special system I have shared the principles of education Dasha in an interview with Tatler magazine, the Children should grow up happy. This is important”.