Dasha Swami revealed the secrets of the life of Grigory Rasputin

Свами Даши раскрыл секреты из жизни Григория Распутина The psychic once again demonstrated his amazing abilities. This time he was able to determine what is depicted in several photographs, which he couldn’t touch. He told about important facts of life historical figure.

      Swami Dasha surprised the set in the face of Marat Basharova, who led the trial, and the historian Oleg Shishkin, who watched the progress of the test. On four of the five hung the photographs were presented pictures of Grigory Rasputin in different periods. One of the frames was made in a time when a friend of the Imperial family had already been killed. Swami Dasha easily recognize the energy that came from all the photos. He was able to feel, what emotions it is likely they passed.

      The greatest resonance during recording broadcast was the fact when a psychic approached another shot, and managed to reproduce exactly the same gesture which was shown in the picture Rasputin himself. Shishkov is plunged into shock and he could not hold back emotions. But Swami continued, not knowing how exactly he handed the picture. It soon became clear that this fatal gesture was a key appointment Gregory. Many high-ranking officials were afraid of him, because that way he could easily hypnotize any person.

      What do we know about the mysterious Swami Dashi

      Swami Dashi was able to determine that the day of his murder, Rasputin knew that with him something can happen. The psychic was unable to understand who is depicted in pictures, but he figured that going on with them. This helped to understand that Rasputin was quite a few attempts, and the murder itself was brutal and inhuman. Dasha did not bother the fifth photograph, which was not Rasputin, and the historian Shishkov.

      After leaving the psychic historian admitted that he had felt the power of the party, while in the other room. The crew wondered whether it is possible to know what is depicted in the pictures. The team of “Battle of psychics” even had to double-check to avoid fraud. To prevent it was impossible, judging by how to cope with this task Marilyn Kerro. She, like Swami, was able to release all the photos to accurately track the relationship between them.

      Why Marilyn Kerro disliked the “Battle of psychics”

      Shishkova impressed by that, describing the murder of Rasputin, the girl uttered a certain phrase in English. At first nobody could understand what was said. But after historian has noticed that, most likely, confirms the conjecture of the researchers. “The moor has done his duty, the moor can go” – a direct proof of the involvement of the British in the massacre of Rasputin, which obviously prevented both the British and the French.