Даша Мельникова с сыном сбежала на дачу
The actress is saved from heat outside the city.

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Summer in Moscow only in August, so those who vacation just beginning, I can not go to sea. At his dacha in the suburbs now especially good!

Actress Dasha Melnikova, who became famous for his role in the TV series “father’s daughter” followed the example of many Muscovites — and in these hot days, moved to the country. Little son Arthur star, of course, took with them.

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Not yet started regular rehearsals in the theatre (Daria is in the theatre. Yermolova), she could afford to go to movies from the suburbs. And work — free days to enjoy communication with the son. They do everything together: play, sleep and, of course, watered the tomatoes. One such moment captured on camera girlfriend Dasha. Dressed in just a diaper Arthur watches mom do the morning watering in the greenhouse. He clearly wants to go there, but not yet!

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Son of Dora and Arthur Smolyaninov in October will celebrate two whole years, but no one else, and did not see his face. Even from the back Melnikova it was first shown a few months ago. Dasha and Arthur is always guarded his personal life from the public, so in 2013 they were married in secret, appearing in a registry office in jeans, and the fact that Dasha is pregnant with their firstborn, the public only found out due to the fact that Melnikova had to temporarily stop work in the theater.