Дарья Повереннова объяснила размолвку с дочерью из-за Валерия Николаева The actress fell into a depression. Darya Poverennova left her husband, with whom she lived ten years, for the sake of Valery Nikolaev. However, after a few years of relationship, the actor admitted that he had met another woman, and the relationship with Dasha – breaks.
Дарья Повереннова объяснила размолвку с дочерью из-за Валерия Николаева

Famous actress Darya Poverennova rarely talks about his personal life. With the first husband Alexander by Zhilkinym she lived ten years and bore a daughter, Pauline. Despite the fact that their family was all good, the actress decided to leave her husband. Filming the second part of the series “bourgeois’s birthday” she fell in love with actor Valery Nikolaev. By the time he got divorced with Irina Apeksimova. Poverennova could not look at the situation from the outside, as was having strong feelings to the artist. But now she realizes that Nikolaev did not appreciate her sacrifice – her divorce from her husband for him.

“He immediately said, “Dasha, I have long years in marriage, I am free. Can’t guarantee that you’ll be the woman with whom I will live the rest of my life.” For his part he did not deceive me, promised mountains of gold. I myself came up with – the Prince, didn’t want to see shortcomings, but women lovers tend to idealize the man,” explained Daria.
Дарья Повереннова объяснила размолвку с дочерью из-за Валерия Николаева

The actress does not hide: at that time he gave her signals that something in their relationship goes wrong. Poverennova and Nikolaev not spent enough time together, but then Daria was justified by the fact that he works a lot. She hoped that they all will be adjusted. But two years later it was waiting for a heavy blow – Valery reported that he had met another woman. For Daria it was a complete surprise. Resentment was so strong that for several years, the actress could not recover.

“Daughter could not talk to me could not come, nothing make me happy. It was a disaster, as soon as the work, however, then it was a lot, I was immersed in a situation of despair,” recalled Poverennova.
Дарья Повереннова объяснила размолвку с дочерью из-за Валерия Николаева

Now Daria is aware that in the same situation once she put her husband. Later it turned out that Valery Nikolaev fell in love with the singer Tatyana Ovsienko. Poverennova felt relieved when she returned his things, found by chance on the balcony.

After that, the actress found the salvation in the novel with the colleague Anatoly Rudenko. However, the three year relationship didn’t end with the wedding, the man met another woman, a partner on the series. Poverennova tried to bring it to straight talk and was waiting for a truthful answer. But Anatoly did not talk about a new passion – Darya learned about it quite by accident from other people.

Now the actress is in a relationship with Andrei Sharonov, who introduced her to friends. She admitted Boris Korchevnikov in the “Destiny of man” on TV channel “Russia 1” that never met a man like him. It is nice that she is getting better.