Дарья Мороз осталась без волос

Shocking change in appearance recently demonstrated Daria Moroz. The girl we used to see with light curls and parted with “length” and now on her head emblazoned light brown, a little reminiscent of gray, “hedgehog”.

However, the drastic change in appearance Daria went on their own, but for the sake of the work, as recognized herself an actress, she loves. Frost wrote in an accompanying commentary to the picture, which was published on his page in Instagram.

“#aluplussolar 😎”, — stated in the message.

Subscribers Daria, of course, was shocked by these changes, however, supported his favorite, noting that this hairstyle only emphasizes the natural beauty of actress: “Super”, “Just one facet of your beauty and personality!”, “Cool!”, “What you krasivaia!!!”, “Dasha you are so cute,beautiful!!! Very cool!!!!”, “Oh!”, “Daria, just class 👍👌very unexpected, classy and sassy!” – was rave reviews from commentators.

What about the image changes, you say?

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