Darya Melnikova spoke with fans about motherhood

Дарья Мельникова заговорила с поклонниками о материнстве
In 2015, the actress Daria Melnikova became the proud mother of a beautiful boy.

Дарья Мельникова заговорила с поклонниками о материнстве

After that her life changed dramatically.

Daria tries to devote all his time to the child.

Melnikov frequently publishes posts, which shares the secrets of motherhood and education.

A young mother even decided to create a new page that is dedicated to children.

And recently the girl has confused fans by posting a shot of her huge belly.

“It’s not traceability a joke, and I’m not pregnant. I want to introduce you to my page where you learn that I have a son, and how I deal with it, and the children of my friends, and what they do, to reach new karmic level. A boost of motivation and new ideas for every day!” – told the actress.

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