Darya Melnikova showed the grown son

Дарья Мельникова показала подросшего сына The actress shared a touching the adorable one-year-old Arthur. Darya Melnikova has captured the moment when the child has mastered a child’s Bicycle. Fans of the actress and her husband Arthur Smolyaninova, was excited from the pictures.

25-year-old star of the TV series “father’s daughter” Daria Melnikova rarely shares with fans the details of his personal life. At the end of March for the first time the actress published a photo of one-year-old son Arthur, who preferred to hide from the public. Touching the child, captured from behind, aroused affection among the users of social networks.

Darya Melnikova touched by the grown-up child

Recently Daria again delighted fans with photo of a child in common with Arthur by Smolyaninova. New the toddler was taken during his walks. Charming Arthur masters riding a children’s Bicycle. A caring mother helps him to drive the vehicle. The son of actors looks very focused and serious. Apparently, the boy focused on the road.

In subscription to a snapshot Melnikova put the hashtag “follow me”, which several years ago launched photographer Murad Haussmann. At the end of 2013 he entered the top 3 most popular bloggers in the social network “Instagram”. Over time, the project Osmana turned into a flash mob. Millions of fans Murad posted images resembling the composition of his work, in his microblog.

Fans of Daria was thrilled with her moving publication. They appreciated the post actress numerous “likes” and emoticons in the shape of hearts. “How nice”, “ribbon”, “Cool photo! You are already on the bike? At all!”, “Musik”, “Handsome”, “I was three-wheeled,” was discussed by users of social networks.

Recall that the movie and theatre actress Daria Melnikova, who became famous thanks to the role of Zhenya Vasnetsova in the TV series “father’s daughter” secretly married the artist Arthur Smoljaninova in August 2013. Romance between young people broke out on the set of the series “Hetaera major Sokolov”. Before Daria and Arthur was tied up working and friendly relations.

Two years later, after the wedding ceremony Melnikov for the first time became a mother. In October 2015 a young woman gave to her husband, charming son, who was named Arthur. After the happy event Daria did not stay too long in the decree. After a couple of months the actress has already started working. Melnikov returned to the stage native theater Yermolova. By the way, during pregnancy a celebrity in no hurry to leave and played in productions almost up to the birth.