Дарья Мельникова перестала скрывать сына
The actress shared a rare shot.

Darya Melnikova with her son

Photo: @melnikovadsh Instagram

Darya Melnikova became a mother a year and a half ago, but this fact trying to advertise to the public. In the microblog actress, unlike many of her colleagues, no baby pictures. She shares with fans shots taken at work or during travel and walks, but does not publish pictures of his young son.

Today, almost Daria was first shown to subscribers of their grown-up son. Melnikova took a photo of it while walking. The baby develops their first transport — the Bicycle. However, doing it is with mom.

By the way, in addition to working in theater and film in various projects, the actress manages to keep a small business. Some time ago she started to create a line of clothing for expectant mothers. In addition, she maintains a blog, which shares their secrets of motherhood. Experience in this matter, Daria not to take. She comes up with original ways of solving problems faced by parents.

By the way, Daria and her husband Artur Smolyaninov, hiding her private life from Intrusive media attention and fans. They do not appear as a couple on the red carpet and not give a joint interview. By the way, the name of the son of the spouses is still kept secret, although the rumor is that it was named in honor of Pope Arthur.