Darya Melnikova and Aglaia Tarasova help sick children

Дарья Мельникова и Аглая Тарасова помогают больным детям
In the charity event the actress collected 222 000 rubles.

Дарья Мельникова и Аглая Тарасова помогают больным детям

Aglaia Tarasova Daria Melnikova and Irina Gorbachev

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Aglaia Tarasova Daria Melnikova held
charity sale — it took place in a Moscow Park “Sokolniki”.
Girls sold tens of lots of celebrities: the proceeds will be
transferred to the St. Petersburg children’s Fund “When you need it.” It helps children
undergoing expensive treatment for cancer in
clinics of the Northern capital.

With the hammer gone: necklace
Trees (5000
rubles) bracelet Sasha Petrova (3000 rubles), shoes Lyubov Novikova
(1000 rubles), leather dress Aglaia Tarasova (8000 rubles), backpack
Melnikova (7000 rubles) and more.

On sale not only bought star things:
you can listen to poetic concert of Artur Smolyaninov, and then
to take part in a lottery — guests won mugs from Sekta Cafe
where the event took place the tickets in the best theatres of Moscow, and
books of Faith
Skid signed.

Only Aglaia Tarasova and Daria Melnikova managed
to collect 222 thousand rubles.

“Uh, all took place, yay! — says Dasha. Thank you,
first, my dear Aglaia that you are so quickly involved and helped so much!
My ears are still your voice: “It is not 7, but 15 thousand rubles, and
point!” Thank you, my dear actors! To everyone who has given clothes, who made the posts and all
who came! Making this event, I was pleasantly surprised by your responsiveness
and willingness to help.”

Дарья Мельникова и Аглая Тарасова помогают больным детям

Daria Melnikova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Artur Smolyaninov

Photo: Philip Goncharov

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