Darya Dontsova is suffering deprivation because of a possible cancer recurrence

Дарья Донцова терпит лишения из-за возможного рецидива рака The writer told of the sacrifices she has to go due to long-standing disease. Darya Dontsova is forced to rest only in cities with a certain climate. She also carefully monitors their health during sports.

Darya Dontsova has repeatedly talked about how he led the fight against the deadly disease. Many years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer in the last, fourth stage. Experts predicted the writer a quick death, but she was able to cope with the disease.

Now the author of ironical detectives tries to do everything possible to not hit a relapse. In the program “the Secret to a million” Dontsova said that can afford a holiday only in some countries.

“At the time, we moved outside the city because of me. After chemotherapy I had a hard time to breathe in the fresh air-being immediately improved. An annual holiday is also always associated with my health. The doctors have forbidden me to fly to countries where climate differs significantly from the Russian one. That is why I often travel to Paris, the local climate is similar to Moscow. And then outside of the city is still not selected,” – said Daria.

To the same star trying to be mindful of possible exacerbation of the disease during sports. Now, the writer is passionate about the power and cardio workouts. However, she knows how to be her pulse, and what exercises are banned. Coach Dontsova specially developed for her complex of suitable employment.

Daria is not shy to talk about health problems. Communicating with Leroy Kudryavtseva, she remembered how he had four operations and how long and difficult was the recovery process.

“Now, instead of one breast I have a special prosthesis, but it is almost impossible to notice. I wear special underwear, which you can use to appear in public in a bathing suit, and dresses with sweetheart neckline. In this respect no serious limitations not feel”- said the writer.

The Studio program also appeared relatives of the stars. Husband of Darya Alexander once again confessed to the wife in love. He does not hide that happy with darling, because soon they will celebrate the 35th anniversary of joint life. Questions Lera Kudryavtseva answered and stepson Dmitry Dontsova. A man with a childhood lived in the house and the stars had become her real family man.

Darya Dontsova discourage stepson from his own mother

“Your real mom I now practically do not communicate. It has very complex character, she doesn’t recognize other opinions besides our own. Well, Daria Dontsova I was referred to as mother. She loves my children, and they believe her grandmother,” said Dmitry.

The author of ironical detectives did not deny that its share has fallen a lot of tests. However, Dontsova believes himself to be a truly happy person, because she has her beloved husband and children.