Darya Dontsova is outraged by the accusations against Alexander Vasiliev

Дарья Донцова возмущена обвинениями в адрес Александра Васильева The writer commented on the easy money of the fashion historian. Darya Dontsova sharply replied to a comment of one of podeschi Alexander Vasiliev, who insulted the celebrity with their speculation.
Дарья Донцова возмущена обвинениями в адрес Александра Васильева

The well-known writer Darya Dontsova, who admires the talent and human qualities of the fashion historian Alexandre Vassiliev, considered it his duty to speak in his defense.

The fact that the presenter of the program “Fashion verdict” has publicly accused that he earns easy money and constantly enjoys the company of women. Provoked unflattering remarks about Alexander Vasilyev photo, which fashion historian generously shared with subscribers of his microblog in Instagram. Vasiliev showed some shots taken during a visit to the picture gallery in Dresden. They star depicted surrounded by beauty – the imperishable creations of artists and women, his students, who accompany Vasiliev on the trip. Most of the comments to the pictures written by friendly people and devoted admirers of talent of Alexander Vasiliev. However, some was given to understand that obsessed with status and success with the ladies fashion historian. Alexander Vasiliev has agreed to a multimillion-dollar property abroad

“It’s amazing how doing an old rag, to make that kind of money! And the harem around,” said one of nedobrozhelateli. These words caught the writer Darya Dontsova, who are personally familiar with Alexander Vasiliev and is a fan of his.

“It’s just. Need adolescent years to go for the bins, to collect what others threw out, to restore the dresses, to study history, music, philosophy… to Be intelligent, educated, encyclopedic, to be able to “keep face” in any situation. Never allow yourself to make it clear to people: I’m a star and you are nobody. At all the shootings and they believe, very heavy, make jokes, cheer hall and co-host. You have to be a real man without a drop of envy and anger towards those who have achieved more than you. Need to be passionate about the job they do. And then you’ll earn money for “rags,” wrote Darya Dontsova in the comments in the microblog Vasiliev.

Very lucidly explained the writer and popularity Vasiliev in women. “Men like Alexander Vassiliev released piece, not a mass production. Why women like him, are attracted to intelligence, erudition, ability to behave, interesting conversation. I’m also a member of the army of those who loves him dearly. But I know Alexander a little more than others and understand that he is a rare man,” continued Daria Dontsova.

In conclusion, she wished the lady to take the to take with Alexander Vasiliev – no one to envy, not to be angry, to work day and night to develop and then she’ll be fine.