Darya Dontsova has answered the rumors about the terrible disease

Дарья Донцова ответила на слухи о страшном заболевании
The well-known writer Darya Dontsova some time ago was able to recover from cancer.

Дарья Донцова ответила на слухи о страшном заболевании

On the same day the woman was outraged by rumors that spread around her. It said that the series found a recurrence of the disease that struck extremely the very Daria.

“My favorite! I’m as healthy as a cow! – wrote in his microblog writer. – My angels, do not believe information that comes from who does not understand. If ever there will be something important I will come to the air of Federal TV channels and all you’d tell me. You know me well, and I hope you know that Oncology is not the same thing I’m going to hide. Yeah, I don’t dump people on the head of his own family problems, my children, grandson and granddaughter, not media persons. About Oncology but I’ll tell you. Please don’t worry”.

It should be noted that Daria was struggling with breast cancer, and she had a hard time. She underwent 18 months of chemotherapy, had 4 operations, but the results were not long in coming, the disease has receded.

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