Дарья Донцова бесплатно работает на Бориса Корчевникова The writer has launched a new project on the religious channel “Spas”, aimed at helping those who are faced with cancer. As part of the transition Darya Dontsova interviewing ordinary people and communicate with experts from different fields.
Дарья Донцова бесплатно работает на Бориса Корчевникова

This spring on the channel “Saved,” led by Boris by Koschevnikovi, has launched a new program “I really want to live.” Leading of the project aimed to help people with cancer, was the writer Darya Dontsova. The star gave an interview in which he spoke about his work on TV and the attitude to religion.

It is known that Dontsova – believer. So her new appointment was not a surprise to the public. Moreover, the writer knows firsthand about the struggle with cancer a few years ago she was diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the breast. With chemotherapy and surgery in the stars managed to cope with the disease. As it turned out, Daria refused to pay for the shooting of her income goes to other purposes.

“We have launched a program to help cancer patients on TV channel “Spas” Boris by Koschevnikovi. The money that I will pay for the program, will go toward the construction of the temple,” shared the celebrity reporters.
Дарья Донцова бесплатно работает на Бориса Корчевникова

On the religious channel define a program as a collection of stories “of different people, simple people who are treated or have recovered from cancer”. “This is a story of family members as they live about a loved one who is ill, how they support it, as, at times, cry at night in the bathroom, as it is difficult morally as happily, when the disease is defeated,” – said in a description of the transfer.

Darya Dontsova has told reporters that he tries to motivate the viewers. The writer wants to explain that the illness is not “end of life”. In addition to characters show, in the project are experts in various fields.

“The program necessarily involves doctors, priests, psychologists, different specialist. Answer the questions that appear in patients, and loudly say: “Never give up, cancer is cured!” To get on our program can be absolutely anyone, if he wants to talk about their illness and thereby help others,” said Daria.

According to Dontsova, for each case needs its own argument. Generic phrases does not exist, said the writer. Even Daria often recalls the words of St. Seraphim of Sarov: “the one who carries the disease with patience and even with joy, that she is charged with is feat. And even more than that”.

In the future Daria is going to present a new book “Wonderland”. It is planned that it will be on the shelves in late August. A New year series is going to finish another work, which has as yet no name, told the writer RIA Novosti.