Darya Dontsova found dog owners

Дарья Донцова нашла собаке хозяев
In publishing house “Eksmo” there is a new book writer for children.

Дарья Донцова нашла собаке хозяев

Darya Dontsova

Photo: Alexey Filippov/TASS

In the house of the writer live four pugs. After the publishing house “Eksmo” began to produce the series of books for children, dogs of this breed became the hero of all her stories. So, in the new fairy tale “Magic potion” brother and sister from a poor family find on the street opciju Marshmallow, not knowing that their new four-legged friend came to the human world from a magical land. And it will help them to solve many problems…

The plot of the book is that of Moesia Marshmallow was the best dressmaker of the magic land
bearing the name “Beautiful Valley”. But the time came and she left home
edge to become the world’s people Keeper Victor Kuznetsov. Once
a walk in the Park, she met Ksenia and Misha, who decided that the dog
lost, took her home. The marshmallow struck by the poverty in which the children lived.
Their mother, caught in the machine after her divorce from her husband, barely making ends meet. To
also in their house do not just have “Trouble” – a nickname given guys
the employee of guardianship, threatening to take them to a shelter if the mother does not give her
a bribe.

So the Marshmallow does not accidentally fell into this strange house, and she
in whatever was necessary to help Ksusha and Misha. And she needs to go back
to his Vita, who was left without a Guardian. And Moesia along with the cat
Vasilisa and the rest of the friends decide to save the children from the Troubles and find the magic
elixir, able to cure mother. That’s only in its noble cause to them
will have to see a squirrel, once betrayed the Beautiful Valley of evil
Professor Dmitri Ivanovich and face many difficulties and

In his new book Darya Dontsova poses guys
difficult questions. Whether to forgive a traitor? Returns whether the evil deed is to ensure
who done it? Do I need to help someone who shits a lot? Young readers together
with the heroes to find the answers in this bright and incredible adventure in
which with optimism and vitality the characters, learn how to make friends,
forgive, be kind and considerate to those who are near. You can be sure
a happy ending awaits all.

“Magic potion” is a good and light book that
will appeal not only to children but also for adults. As such things as compassion, solidarity, forgiveness, should learn at any age. And
wonderful sense of humor Daria Arkadyevna, which became her calling card, like
to all fans of the famous writer.