Дарья Донцова отвадила пасынка от его родной матери In the Studio of the program “the Secret million dollar” there will come a famous writer. Dontsova tell the moderator of the talk show, Lera Kudryavtseva, how you beat cancer, why destroyed two of her marriages and how she was able to establish a relationship with the son of the third wife.

In a conversation with Leroy Kudryavtseva, Daria will share details of his personal life, reveal the secrets of the past and openly talk about wild romances of youth. Dontsov reveals the secret of how your first wedding, fell in love with a witness. Also Queen detectives tell what was the cause of her divorce from second husband. The writer will report how she managed to marry a third husband.

Admirers of the series is ready to line up for her autograph – they say it brings good luck. But not everyone knows that the first novels of Darya wrote in the hospital, being on the verge of life and death in intensive care. Then the doctors diagnosed her terrible diagnosis: breast cancer. However, after going through 18 rounds of chemotherapy and 4 operations, the writer calls all happened by luck. Due to which she became known not only in Russia but also abroad. In the Studio, “the Secret in-a-million” series will talk about what helped her to overcome the disease and how she manages to maintain a unique joie de vivre despite everything. In addition, Daria will meet with dear a man, a relationship which she had lost 30 years ago.

The secrets of happiness, busy personal life and struggle with a terrible disease Darya Dontsova frankly in the “million dollar Secret” on Saturday on NTV.

Darya Dontsova liked by the readers of the fascinating detectives in her works of the series were filmed, who was so excited about the audience. However, the writer has long concealed from the fans that suffered cancer 4th stage. Friend Darya Dontsova saved her from cancer

Daria was thrice married. However, believes that only latest husband, Professor Alexander Ivanovich really found happiness. Dontsova has previously admitted in an interview that her first love was a married French entrepreneur. He was an older writer for 20 years. The man promised to divorce his wife, but flew to France. More Doncova did not see him. She grieved at parting with his first love, thinking that the man left her.

“I met him here in Moscow. I was then sent to the international exhibition – to work as a translator, I’m fluent in French. And he was one of the guests of the exhibition. This could sadly be the end for me, but nothing happened,” – said Dontsov.

Only in the mid-80’s series still received the news of the Frenchman. She wrote the wife of the very man. It turned out that he divorced her and was going to come back to Daria, but crashed in an accident.