Darya Dontsova broke the silence after reports of serious illness

Дарья Донцова нарушила молчание после сообщений о тяжелой болезни The writer told of the recurrence of breast cancer. Fans of Darya Dontsova began to Express her sympathy with onkoloogia. However, the star said that they are very hasty to do it, and advised to trust only the information that is voiced by herself.
Дарья Донцова нарушила молчание после сообщений о тяжелой болезни

The author of the popular detectives of Daria Dontsova, a well-known fact that a few years ago was able to beat cancer, spoke again about his illness. This time – with great indignation.

The writer with anger denied the rumors about the relapse, about it spread online. Learned Darya Dontsova on the speculation about himself, because the fans were quick to Express their condolences in connection with the deterioration. 65-year-old woman said that she’s perfectly healthy and encouraged to be careful about what they write about it in the Internet.

“My favorite! I’m as healthy as a cow! asked Darya Dontsova to the subscribers of his microblog. – My angels, do not believe information that comes from who does not understand. If ever there will be something important I will come to the air of Federal TV channels and all you’d tell me. You know me well, and I hope you know that Oncology is not the same thing I’m going to hide. Yeah, I don’t dump people on the head of his own family problems, my children, grandson and granddaughter, not media persons. About Oncology but I’ll tell you. Please don’t worry”.

Darya Dontsova added that she is calmly to all sorts of gossip and speculation about yourself. They did not disappoint, and even on the contrary, a lot of fun.

“I recently good laugh one “duck”: “in the series one foot in the prosthesis.” Well denture that is, but he’s in the bra it’s probably already the whole country and abroad know about it. But the leg! Long I looked at my legs and thought: “Well, my feet with a pedicure, and some of you I have not?” Lord, be merciful to those who write such news, don’t let them die because of me, a sinner”, – concluded the writer.

Recall that a few years ago Darya Dontsova was diagnosed with a tumor of the breast. The situation was very difficult. At the time the woman has been eighteen months of chemotherapy, she underwent four operations. According to Daria, the main thing – not to lower hands in the fight against the disease. At the beginning of the treatment, she almost gave up when I saw myself in the mirror. Dontsov was shocked by its appearance. “I fell down. But then he stood up and thought, “Well, I’m alive,” recalled Dontsova in ether one of the programs. Daria Dontsova are willing to put up with a cheating husband

The writer does not hesitate to speak openly about what has survived and her experience has helped many people fight serious illness.