Darling Ivan Zhidkova was in considerable pain during childbirth

Избранница Ивана Жидкова испытала адскую боль во время родов Recently the son of actor born son Stepan. A young mother Liliya Solovyova shared with fans the latest news on her pregnancy and even told how I survived the night when the baby is born.
Избранница Ивана Жидкова испытала адскую боль во время родов

Ivan Zhidkov with his chosen Lilia Solovieva became the parents of son Stepan. A young mother told how her labor went, and what challenges she has faced while in the hospital.

“It is time to write this post, or soon to restore all the events of that night, which divided my life into before and after is impossible! Really, the most terrible pain I’ve ever experienced, I almost forgot, but the pain caused me dentists I will never forget. But to begin with, as I was the first in the history of the hospital escaped from the prenatal Department. On the evening of 16 October, I felt the contractions, but rather a harbinger, with whom I have lived for two weeks! This time the harbingers were so strong that to sleep was impossible. I was uncomfortable to call the doctor, so we decided to drive to the hospital, so I looked! In the emergency Department is very “polite” the doctors had me all prenatal executions and put to give birth. Interesting fact, after the nurse filled in the column “husband”, I immediately became her swallow and Bunny nose. It may, of course, I thought, but to go kassaveteia I love Vanya,” – said Liliya.

According to Lily, this trip to the hospital was a mistake. A young mother said that the screams in the hospital, it was impossible to hear. “For a moment it seemed to me like I’m the hero of the film “Saw”. However, no shutochki to 6 am, I begged to let me go home, it was said: “Until you deliver, not going anywhere,” said Solovyov.

In the end, a woman was appointed as the planned amniotomy. This obstetric operation – artificial rupture of membranes, it is carried out strictly according to the testimony of the patient. Indications for such interference can occur both during pregnancy and during childbirth.

“And Vanya got an intriguing message: “Good morning, I’m in the hospital trying to go home,” – said Lily fans.

Despite all the difficulties, the star couple gave birth to a healthy baby. Now young parents learn the joy of a new family member.