Dark kitchen — myth or reality?

Темная кухня — миф или реальность?

The interior in dark colours becoming more popular. Dark colors, combining elegance and beauty, are considered to be timeless classical image of any room. But are these rules applicable in kitchen interior design?

Темная кухня — миф или реальность?

Council, we asked interior designer Mary Bohr.

Темная кухня — миф или реальность?

The choice of textures

Black color may be quite different shades from light to very dark, it all depends on the chosen texture: matte or glossy. The matte surface looks neat and simple. Wood texture too will look great in matte.

Темная кухня — миф или реальность?

Thanks to the glossy surface the light is reflected and creates beautiful reflections. But it must be remembered that the glossy surface is considered to be the most brand, even to the white surface.

Kitchen cabinets

I need to start to define the style. If you choose minimalism, it is possible to refuse additional finishes, choosing a chrome equipment and decor. If you prefer more classic or art Deco kitchen, you can complement it with a marble details and elegant ceiling chandelier. And if you order the glass doors for the cabinets, spreading them in China, you will be able to give freshness to the dark interior.

Темная кухня — миф или реальность?


If you still chose the black color for the kitchen, it can be the same shade to order and countertops. But remember that a glossy surface you need to properly care for and regularly polished. An interesting option under cabinets black countertop will be white and light grey shades.

You can resort to the classical solution and to combine black shades with light wood finishes. If we are talking about masculine interior, there is often used countertops metal or hues of concrete.

Темная кухня — миф или реальность?


To visually expand the space and dilute the black color on the floor you can put the tiles light cool colors or light wood (walnut, old oak). Monochrome seem to be alternating black and white tiles.


In addition to practical functions, appliances performs well as artistic function. It is best to choose black interior chrome appliances. Choose it can also tone cabinets, countertops, or decorative elements. A good solution would be built-in appliances, which can not be seen for the façade paintings.

Decorative elements

The perfect solution for black kitchen interior will serve as a decor of white tones, accessories of chromed metal. Solemn and sophisticated look kitchen can be given a beautiful balance of porcelain and milky bouquet of live flowers. Looks very good the combination of black and red colors. Red hues are best used as separate decorative elements not to overdo it with this color scheme.


A necessary and important point in the embodiment of the dark kitchen is proper lighting. To the kitchen area are not deprived of natural light, curtains better to choose light texture and light shade. Artificial light is better to use all types: basic, working, accent and decorative.

No matter what a selection of chandeliers and ceiling will be done in the main kitchen room — to get enough light so that she did not look dark and dramatic.

Black color is a great solution for creating sophisticated and modern interior. Experiment and do not fear for the result, it will delight lovers of new design solutions.

Thank you for the illustrations and the advice of interior designer Mary Borovoe.