Darius Voskoboeva: “Married want no more!”

Дария Воскобоева: «Замуж больше не хочу!» On channel TV-3 has launched a new season of “diary of a psychic”. This time the investigation leads and helps people Darius Voskoboeva.
Дария Воскобоева: «Замуж больше не хочу!»

In an interview with “StarHit” Darius told her about how the popularity has affected her personal life, about parenting, television and the search of the second half.

Darius, you have behind two marriages and two kids… Tell us about the Hobbies of the son and daughter.
Дария Воскобоева: «Замуж больше не хочу!»Sasha son ten years old, he is studying in high school. Medium, really. But he has many Hobbies. Goes to swimming, karate, Aikido. Attended computer courses, plays chess and is also a keen journalist. In General, son is looking for himself, but I told him not to interfere. Daughter Bozhenov five years. She is engaged in a theatrical Studio. Loves to sing and draw – sometimes for four hours a day. Very lively and active girl.—
While you’re on the set, who controls the children?
Дария Воскобоева: «Замуж больше не хочу!»My dad. He lives with us and in fact works as babysitters. He also cooks, buys groceries, and performs other chores. My time is only enough in the morning to ten minutes to fry cheese cakes. Sometimes, coming home at 11 PM. But if you see that the floor is dirty, I’ll wash, despite the fatigue. Linen, by the way, your Laundry at midnight. We have to get out: the costs of the profession.

How the children react when they see you on TV?
Дария Воскобоева: «Замуж больше не хочу!»They know what I do, and support. Sasha and Bozena with interest to follow my work. A daughter, by the way, loves cartoons about witches. I myself have 20 years don’t watch TV, well, except that programs with their participation – for errors. Usually very hard on myself.—
The children participated in the project “Diary of psychic”?
Дария Воскобоева: «Замуж больше не хочу!»Of course! Moreover, initially, we together made the decision, whether I work on this program. The fact that Sasha and Bozena rarely saw me during participation in the “Battle of psychics.” In the end, the family Council decided that I would try. Because in this program I not only help people but also to share details of his personal life. And I have a story to tell: two marriages, two children, life experience… Hopefully someone will learn from my mistakes.
Дария Воскобоева: «Замуж больше не хочу!»
As for you and your life has affected the popularity on the street recognize you?
Дария Воскобоева: «Замуж больше не хочу!»Oh, and on the street and in stores. And so – nothing has changed. However, employment has become much more. There are advantages. I know, which means you can help more people.—
Personal life changed since “the battle of psychics”? Married for the third time not going?
Дария Воскобоева: «Замуж больше не хочу!»The split started to happen in the course of the project. We just didn’t cope with all the difficulties. More married not want. Last relationship was very difficult.
Дария Воскобоева: «Замуж больше не хочу!»
Tell us about the difficult moments that occurred during filming.
Дария Воскобоева: «Замуж больше не хочу!»Just shooting his personal life was the most difficult. Sometimes they were out of line, and I just stopped the process. But to communicate with people was easy. I’ve been working on, used to.—
How do you like to spend your free time.
Дария Воскобоева: «Замуж больше не хочу!»Children go to the movie theater, and you can just walk in the Playground in the yard or home to watch a movie with popcorn. And regularly go out of the city. Adorable active games outdoors.—
You have a work area?
Дария Воскобоева: «Замуж больше не хочу!»No, more like children’s corners throughout the apartment. Constantly stepping on toys. And all the tools, ingredients, magical artifacts are in the office, called my magic Studio.
Дария Воскобоева: «Замуж больше не хочу!»
What famous psychics you two were friends?
Дария Воскобоева: «Замуж больше не хочу!»Swami Dasha, Sergei Romanenko, Tatiana Larina, And Nadezhda Shevchenko…—
How about novels with peers? Or the man has to be from another realm?
Дария Воскобоева: «Замуж больше не хочу!»In General, no matter what. The main thing – mutual understanding. That gives the ability to move in the same thread. The second half can be found anywhere.—
How to be a man, to be of interest to you?
Дария Воскобоева: «Замуж больше не хочу!»Looking back on my past marriages, I would say that he should be kind and smart. A man with a high level of intelligence would never raise a hand to a woman or somehow disrespectful.

Share plans for the future.
At the may holidays are planning to fly to Turkey. There they will pass my seminars and trainings. And I hope that in a month to finish writing a book.