Daring neckline, Maria Kozhevnikova has caused the indignation of the fans

Смелое декольте Марии Кожевниковой вызвало негодование фанатов
The star refused the offer to make “plastic” Breasts.

Maria Kozhevnikova

Photo: @mkozhevnikova Instagram Maria Kozhevnikova

Maria Kozhevnikova once again criticized the Network users. This time the reason for this was “innocent” a movie in which the actress urged fans to care about the environment. The reason of discontent of the fans lay in the fact that the footage posted a video of the star mother of many children demonstrated a daring neckline, exposing much of her bust.

Instead of discussing the proposal to Mary to monitor the garbage collection, the review turned into an active debate about the appearance of the artist. Many did not like that she appeared without underwear. Others advised her to do plastic surgery, since the breast is supposedly looks after the third confinement, “sad”. As a result, to prevent “raging” subscribers, she had to make a statement.

“Friends, the theme of “Boobs” You are not fully disclosed under the previous post! Just to be clear! I’m all for natural! All of our problems and defects in the head! Lips to like puffy dumplings, breast silicone, to not move even when running, not talking about the changes during pregnancy and after, by the way the numbers are sad, more than 1 million women doing surgery on this part of the body annually, Botox, make sure no wrinkles have not appeared… I’m not judging, everyone’s business, not impose their own thing, do not let them out of their “kvartirniki”. Want fight with them, want procreate and regardless of Your choice, I wish good luck!” — asked Maria to the fans.

Meanwhile, Kozhevnikova, although it is not a member, continues to tackle important social problems. She recently helped the family of a seriously ill child to disseminate information about the collection of funds for treatment.