Daria Zhukova “said” parting ways with Roman Abramovich

Дарья Жукова «отметила» расставание с Романом Абрамовичем Socialite rests with Hollywood stars at the fashionable resort. Recently, Darya Zhukova and her friend Gwyneth Paltrow decided on a grueling training by the method of star fitness instructor Tracy Anderson.

The gallery owner Daria Zhukova, who recently announced the departure of oligarch Roman Abramovich, is now on vacation abroad. Socialite disappeared from the prying eyes on the Peninsula of long island. There, at the fashionable resort of HAMPTON, a woman of high society relaxes away from prying journalists and citizens. The company’s former sweetheart of the owner of club “Chelsea” consists of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and designer jewelry Jennifer Meyer, ex-wife stars of films about spider-Man Toby Maguire.

Apparently, women are perfectly spend time, enjoying great weather and soaking up the sun. Not to gain extra pounds on vacation, tourists can exercise at the local gym. Zhukov, Paltrow and Meyer was quick to take advantage of this opportunity, and as reported in social networks. In the microblog Jennifer appeared a picture together with buddies, on which those depicted tired, but happy exercise. “She just killed us,” said the designer, referring to the strict fitness instructor to offer classes in the method Tracy Anderson.

By the way, the sports guru appreciated the efforts of the ladies of high society. Traci posted a picture of Jennifer, Gwyneth and Dasha on Instagram. “When you’re in London and need inspiration before you to do two sessions back to back, brings you his “Instagram”! Love the look of these daring women that I admire,” shared Anderson in the microblog.

Recall that Daria Zhukova have long been friends with Jennifer Meyer. Famous designer has been repeatedly spotted on the yacht of Roman Abramovich “Eclipse.” About a month ago, women went to Sardinia. Then in the microblog Meyer appeared touching the children, among them was seven year old Aaron – the heir of Roman Abramovich.

Divorce Zhukova and Abramovich: the reasons for the separation and fabulously compensation

According to some, ex-lover of one of the richest people of Russia happy in a new relationship, so it does not look saddened by the breakup with the businessman. Whether this is so, is not known. The other day a secular columnist Bozena Rynska said he knows, Dating Daria Zhukova. However, the journalist did not share details about the new chosen one galeristka.

At the same time, rumor has it that Roman Abramovich has found a new love after breaking up with Daria Zhukova. However, the entrepreneur prefers not to speak about his personal life, wanting to keep it secret from the public. For a long time, the businessman credited with the passion for a married prima ballerina of Mariinsky theatre Diana Vishneva. Among other likely candidates for the heart of the oligarch – it-girl Hope Obolentseva who was recently divorced.