Дарья Сагалова решилась на экстремальные перемены в имидже
The actress was surprised by the act of friends and acquaintances.

Daria Sagalova

Photo: @Instagram dariasagalova Daria Sagalovoy

Daria Sagalova decided on a bold experiment on his way. The actress made an even shorter haircut. Sagalova was photographed with a new image and posted pictures on his microblog. Judging by the reaction of close friends, Daria did not warn anyone that he was going to say goodbye with most of the hair.

“The new me! Dare,” — commented on his act Sagalova. The transformation of the actress was held in two stages: in April, Daria made Kara said goodbye to long curls and the actress turned for help to the specialists, has completed work on its new image.

Not so long ago, Daria is officially out of extended maternity leave. Sagalova was in the midst of raising two daughters: Elizabeth and Stephanie. The youngest of them was born in 2015. Until the winter of 2018, the actress temporarily unable starred in TV projects. Some time ago she joined the film crew of the TV series “Catch the crew”. In the same project involved Alexei Chadov, Natalia Bardo and Yana Krainova.