Дарья Пынзарь закатила для годовалого сына «взрослую» вечеринку The heir to leading the first birthday. Mom and dad decided to please the kid and staged the celebration, which invited friends with their children. Daria Pynzar and guests actively shared videos from the event on social networks.

On the eve Darya and Sergey Pynzar said year, the youngest son, David. The baby was born in one of capital maternity homes in may 2016. Then on discharge they were met by friends and acquaintances, some of them a few years ago were also participants in the reality show “Dom-2”. On the first day of the birth of an heir Dasha called many people close to her together with the children.

“Time flies, seems like just yesterday was the day my baby was born and the year has passed! Baby boy, be healthy and happy,” – such words were devoted to the child star’s mother, laying out the first things David.

For the younger guests and the birthday child made a real tale. Professional animators entertained children incendiary contests, and organized a real disco. In the videos, which were divided Pynzar in the social network, you can appreciate the vivid scenery. The room where the feast is decorated with white, blue and silver balls. The program was a bubble show as well as disco together with fantastic heroes and Teddy bears.

The mother of little David appeared in the evening in a Lacy white dress that emphasizes the benefit of her chiseled figure. Many other girlfriends Dasha chose comfortable clothes and shoes to be able to join the kids games. In the crowd of students getting involved in contests, you can find gazhienko son, Cyril, daughters Ksenia Borodina and Marguerite Marceau Marusya and bell, and brother of the birthday boy Artem.

Fans of the family Pynzar admire the photos from the party and congratulations to the boy’s birthday, leaving nice words on the page Dashi in a social network. Daria Pynzar: “I Have a girl!”

“The health of your baby. You are an example for other parents, it is nice to see your family”, “Congratulations David, happy birthday! Let the kid grow healthy, clever and happy family. And timik wakes him the best brother in the world. I wish you give birth to a daughter beauty”, “Dasha you are done! This holiday class Davidica arranged,” said the followers.

By the way, detractors felt that organizing the celebration, Dasha was thinking more about the older son and the children. According to some users, to organize this huge party for a one year old – too early.