Daria Pynzar torturing yourself with diets

Дарья Пынзарь истязает себя диетами TV presenter refuses fat and sweet. Daria Pynzar looking for support from their fans. The woman told followers that he was going to follow a proper diet, as worries about the extra pounds.

      Many celebrities look forward to warm weather to wear short skirts and tight tops. Some celebrities find it necessary to prepare the shape by this time. A mother of two children Daria Pynzar also decided to get rid of extra pounds. The young woman promised to the followers of the microblog, which starts to eat right and eliminate sweets from your diet. Besides, she encouraged other users of the social network to join the marathon.

      “I again undertake for yourself! Proper nutrition and sport! Lay two months, and dreaming about a beautiful, textured piece. More my will power, especially to begin is always hard for me, but just dashed off a post on Instagram, I’ll stay. Join. No sweets for the first two weeks in General, more water and protein, of course, the hall is now mulling what to do with crossfit or something else, maybe even dancing,” said Dasha in the microblog.

      Members supported Pynzar in her aspirations. Many followers shared his opinion about the new celebrity diet, and also noted what physical activity will help burn calories. However, according to most fans, Dasha looks quite slender.

      “The most effective – kickboxing! In addition to figures, the stretch provided!”, “Go to Zumba after 15-20 minutes of the session a t-shirt to squeeze”, “Dasol, then write what you eat during the day,” wrote the woman.

      Daria’s husband Sergei, who always supported her aspirations. Husband of the leading acts for an active lifestyle and trying to exercise regularly at the gym. Besides, Pinzari have already participated in the program “Wedding size” on the channel “Dомашний”. In the project many couples struggled with the extra weight. The TV star admitted that she was difficult to forget about the sweet. Daria and Sergey Pinzari: “Everything bad we have learned from each other”

      “If you ever see me with that face, you know, I think about how sweet to devour (to eat there is not suitable, sorry) and not getting fat. I something do not grow thin yet. Maybe lose weight, but not see. But once I broke. Jam and pancakes, thank you for my fat, now hide these positions,” said Pynzar.