Дарья Пынзарь задумалась об эмиграции в Турцию Ex-participant reality show spends a lot of time abroad. Daria Pynzar, together with his family is in Turkey. She fell in love with the country, so going to buy an apartment in one of the regions.

Daria Pynzar and her family have chosen an apartment in Alanya. The star of “House-2” went there with the children, but sometimes she has to return to Moscow for work. She was so pleased with the climate of Turkey that they might live there. Woman talks about their emotions in microblog.

“While we do not decide for sure whether to stay or not, and we are now making apartments planned purchase. Sergey arrive and decide exactly. Why Alania? Because it’s incredibly beautiful, is the southern part of Turkey and it’s warm all year round. The town is small and is located on the coast. On the one hand the sea, on the other mountains and rivers. Similar places I have ever seen. To say beautiful is to say nothing, then, incredible. Local people are all positive and almost all speak Russian, so language barrier is not felt. And a lot of Russian a lot of young Russian mothers with children, so no company to be no option. Attitude towards children here is just unreal. Local love children, always help, which of course at first it was amazing and it even alarmed, we have, unfortunately, no,” said Daria.

According to her, Artem already goes there to kindergarten. Followers believe that Dasha is so excited because while in Alanya is not the tourist season. In addition, some people in Turkey, noted that in the summer it is very hot and high humidity.

Earlier Pynzar talked about medicine in Turkey. She regretted that they do not take out insurance before leaving there. “Davidica visited the local hospital, it turned out okay, but I’m pretty scared. Now I know that the hospital here deliver a good car. The hospital is clean, the doctors are very friendly. But, you have to have insurance, otherwise, a simple examination by a pediatrician will cost, in General, if you are flying, do not be lazy, do the insurance. Will be profitable 100%. We did x-rays, lit a candle and measured the temperature, the result of a thousand pounds!” – was indignant eks-the participant of the TV show.

Daria pleases subscribers to bright images from the beach, and also talks about how the changing attitude during life by the sea. Only being self-sufficient person, you can be happy no matter what happens. No matter what they say, you will feel the power. That’s what I strive for and even know what I’m lacking. But even when I was 18 years stupid. Always able to prioritize, to sacrifice their comfort for the sake of something more important and always in the depths of the soul kept the balance. Why am I writing this? To ensure that the fashion for fitness and the beauty of the body well, but do not forget about personal development, it is no less important!” – says Daria.