Daria Pynzar shares first pictures of newborn son

Дарья Пынзарь делится первыми снимками новорожденного сына Ex-participant reality show “House-2” shares on his page with news from the hospital. On Sunday Daria became a second time mom, it is not yet released from the perinatal centre, but this does not prevent her to communicate with his fans and tell them about the baby, whose parents named David.

      Дарья Пынзарь делится первыми снимками новорожденного сына

      The second son of Darya and Sergey Pynzar was born in one of Moskovskij clinics on Sunday. Mom and baby are both doing well. The newborn weighs 2,73 killogramm, and its height is 50 centimeters. The boy was named David. This “StarHit” said star parents. Daria Pynzar: “From pain during labor saved me a hammock”

      Tuesday, ex-participant reality show showed another photo with the baby. “Just a photo, we just. I want to leave here the memory of the moments dear to my heart,” touching signed frame Darya. According to her, yesterday she was crying from happiness. She cannot Express her emotions. “I’m flying. We are in a cozy room with a boy and feel very good! Thanks for every kind comment! All I read! So nice not to pass on! Everyone be happy!”, – appealed to the fans Pynzar.

      Sergey often goes to visit his wife. On his page in the social network dad two sons thanked the doctors of the perinatal center, which helped Daria to give birth to a boy safely.

      Late last night aired the program “Pregnant,” starring TV star when he was in position. Daria remembered with pleasure his moments of idle child, after watching a show on the TV channel “Home”. “There it is still in the tummy, and now here, a man on my hands, smells good milk,” wrote the happy mom on his page.

      Participant in reality show a long time preparing for the birth of his son. She went to the pool, did yoga for pregnant, to learn to breathe correctly during childbirth. All 9 months I supported her husband Sergei. He was also present with his wife at the time of the birth of her second son.

      “He supported me, said kind words, stroking her hair, holding her hand. I cut the cord and immediately took the baby in his arms. And when I saw the child, knew immediately that he was the copy of the Theme, one to one, only dark. And weight it even more Topic – 2750 grams, and the weight of the first son at birth was 2530 grams. The growth of the younger brother 50 cm a bit more than I was at birth the elder – 47 cm,” said Daria, “StarHit”.

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