Дарья Пынзарь расстается с искуственными губами The star of “House-2” corrects the consequence of a failed cosmetic procedure. Daria Pynzar published a shocking video, which showed the suffering she causes to correct his mistakes.

      Дарья Пынзарь расстается с искуственными губами

      Followers of Darya Pynzar in Instagram appreciate her frankness. The star of “House-2” are always honest and tells in detail about what is happening in her life, thereby conquering the hearts of users.

      So, Daria made no secret of the fact that at the time she had a bad procedure to increase the lips. The result is she never liked. Therefore, so far Pynzar have to correct the mistake she made.

      “Once succumbing to bad fashion “dumplings”, I fell into the hands of a layman, which is the “House-2” did lips girls, on the line, and I joined the herd instinct. Drive in Yandex “Pynzar, lips,” and you will see the horror of my upper lip was huge, and the whole appearance was as a girl, bee-stung, even had allergies, was in pain,” wrote Daria.

      For several years Pynzar suffers from the problems that occurred with her appearance. In order to remove the effect of “inflated” lips, Daria has to do a very painful procedure. According to her, still there is no guarantee that all will be as it was.

      To subscribers will saw, which is the star of “House-2” Daria was published in Instagram shocking video where she was crying in the doctor’s office.

      “Over time you realize that there is nothing more beautiful personality! Robo-women – has long been bad form. Be beautiful and happy! You are faced with this problem? Share! Maybe talk some sense into someone”, she added.

      Video posted by Daria Pynzar (@darya_pinzar86) Jul 19 2016 at 7:23 PDT

      It is impossible to know: the stars of “House-2” before and after participation in the project

      The response of grateful fans of Daria has not kept itself waiting. “Dasha, thanks for the post! I wanted to do it, but now I will not exactly” “Thank you, my dear, I wanted to inject fillers, but after your honest post will not” “Finally began to pass this terrible fashion”, “a Lesson to all women and girls!”, “Daria really has changed lately, of course, in the best way”, “she, the tears. Sorry!” – posted by girl in the comments.

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