Daria Pynzar openly declared their major mistakes

Дарья Пынзарь откровенно заявила о своих главных ошибках A young woman told reporters about how to educate their children. According to Daria, the appearance of a second child, she was more prepared than the first. The former participant “Houses-2” happy every minute that she spends with the baby David.

      In may this year, former members of “House-2” Daria Pynzar Sergey became the happy parents for the second time. In their family happened replenishment – on light there was a charming boy, whom they named David. Five year old Tom, the eldest heir TV stars, was very pleased with the birth of her brother. Daria recently told reporters about how to educate their children.

      According to celebrity, second child, she was more prepared than the first. Young woman with nurse joy David and happy every minute spent with him. Over time, Pynzar the beginning of a different attitude to the upbringing of children. Daria told that learn from their mistakes.

      “With the second baby, of course, treated with more understanding, calmer than the first. When there were our first, Tom, I was in a hurry: I wanted to sahukar faster, began to walk, wanted to hurry to see the son what he will become when he grows up. And with David I enjoy his infancy, in the moment and don’t want to rush things,” admitted Daria Pynzar reporters.

      The star also spoke about what she was going to indulge David to the time he turns five years old. According to Daria, it is important not to go to extremes and not to be too strict with the child or, on the contrary, much to let him. She also told media representatives that there were mistakes in the upbringing of the older heir.

      “I have realized that you can’t buy a lot of toys, for example. Then their value in the eyes of the child is reduced. The theme of throwing toys everywhere, without regret losing. I think it’s our error, and with David and we will try not to repeat. Sergei think the most important thing in the upbringing of the child to preserve his identity. That is, he himself, needs to learn, he needs to grow up” – confessed Pynzar.

      In addition, the former participant of “House-2” told about how her eldest son takes care of the younger. According to Daria, Tom loves to kiss and hug brother. Sometimes Daria even gets scared of such strong displays of emotion on the part of one of the heirs. Pynzar also admitted that children are very similar to each other. “If you take infant photo Themes and look at David, the brothers did not distinguish between” – said a young female edition of “Happy parents”.